a movie byMilad Tangshir

Where are we?

A journey to 4 remote observatories in 4 different continents in search for our place in the cosmos. In nearby villages, astonishing humans share the same vulnerability and longing for life.

The cosmic perspective must be applied to our daily life. Fanatical ethnic, religious or national chauvinisms are difficult to support when we see our planet as a fragile dot lost in an ocean. The strong evidence about our insignificance is a good reason for humility. Moreover, by observing the life in those remote villages, the audience remembers that humans are all truly so similar.

I believe this film should be made because the poetic and dramatic side of science is absent from our pop culture and from our daily life. This film should be made because generations of people live and die without being exposed to certain facts. These facts are absolutely comprehensible for everybody of any age or cultural background. They touch a common chord deep inside us, and make us remember our cosmic connection like an almost forgotten childhood song. These facts and this film do not exclude any nation, race, religion or ideology. We are in this journey all together.

For more than two years I have been obsessed with these thoughts. You cannot know them and wake up the next day pretending you don’t. They haunt you forever. Meanwhile as an immigrant; every day I can feel the global need for more kindness and compassion. We’ve grown so apart, intimidated by our meaningless diversities. Yet deep inside us, we know we’re connected to each other. After millions of years we have not forgotten.



Milad Tangshir was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. He studied Mine engineering at Tehran Azad University and worked for 8 years as composer and recording musician for the Iranian band Ahoora; releasing three albums with international acclaim. He moved to Italy in 2011 and studied Cinema at Turin University. Since 2012, he has made shorts and documentaries, awarded in film festivals.


2012 ENDLESSLY (short)

Winner of the best lm at Turin University short lm contest

2014 THE CELEBRATION (short doc)
  • Special mention of the Jury at Piemonte Movie Festival 2015
  • Official Selection Shortini International Film Festival 2014

2014 LESSONS OF THE WOLF (doc essay)

The only dissertation of University of Turin in audio/ video format. Published by Vimeo with more than 40K plays so far.

2015 WRINKLES OF EARTH (short doc)

Official Selection Shortini International Film Festival 2015

2015 INTERPLAY (short doc)
2016 DISPLACED (short doc)


The producer is Davide Ferrario, Italian well-known director and author. He occupies an unusual place in Italy. Strictly independent, he also runs his own production company, Rossofuoco, and quite successfully too. He started to work in the film industry in the seventies as a film critic, running a small distribution company circulating Fassbinder, Wenders, Wajda and others inItaly.
His first film as director La fine della notte (The End of the Night). He directed feature and documentary films which were presented at numerous international film festivals (Berlin, Sundance, Venice, Toronto and Locarno) such as Tutti giù per terra (We all Fall Down), Figli di Annibale (Children of Hannibal), Guardami (Look at Me), Piazza Garibaldi. The low‐budget film Dopo mezzanotte (After Midnight) was very successful in Italy and was sold throughout the world, just like the documentary film La strada di Levi (Primo Levi’s Journey).

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